Here at Endless Mods UK we believe we have created the most versatile, customizable, mechanical mod on the market. Although the Endless Range was designed in the UK we decided we would partner up with a manufacturing facility in China who use the very latest CNC machines. This enabled us to bring the Endless Range to our customers at a price point is in matched by no one offering a similar package. We also fully inspect every item before they are sent out to our retail or wholesale customers. You can be sure you are purchasing the best value for money vaping equipment when you join the Endless Family.

The team behind the design of the Endless Range are all vapers. Our initial goal, in fact our only goal, was to produce a mechanical mod that offered the vaper a varied choice at an unrivalled price point while maintaining a quality of product that vapers have come to expect. The price points we targeted we; sub £30 for our RDA and sub £80 for our mechanical mod. We not only achieved this but we came up with a package that not only can any of competitors match, they don’t offer such a package.

Having used various sleeve mods we all liked the concept of being able to customise your mod by way of changing the sleeve colours to get that “new mod’ feel without the outlay of a whole new set up. Also we were all aware of the huge increase in vapers using ‘sub tanks’ from various manufactures and that most used were restricted to using a regulated device to power the subtanks due to the recessed 510 pin on the tank. This also coincided with lots of mechanical mods coming to market with hybrid top caps. We wanted to offer our users the choice of hybrid or 510. We took all these concepts and came up with something that leaves our competitors wanting.

The first mechanical mod to hit the market that not only offers the user hybrid or spring loaded top cap options out of the packet but because we made the top cap removable to offer the choice of top caps we took it one step further and decided that we could add an extension to the mod body and give the user the option to run a single 18650 mod or they could add the extension tube and run a stacked mod. The Endless Mod was born on paper and we immediately set to work to create an aphetically pleasing mod that gave the user more options that any other mod available on the market. After 6 months of prototypes being produced and tested we were in a position to launch the Endless Mod and Endless Clouds RDA in December 2015.